A design error on the construction site can cost millions of dollars

A design error on the construction site can cost millions of dollars. This is why design teams spend hundreds of hours a month carefully testing BIM-models for clashes. Rubius has developed a service allowing this to be done 3-4 times faster without spending any extra resources.

Our customer is PIK-Project, the design team of the largest property developer in Russia, PIK Group. Every year the company builds and lays out plans for more that 2 million square metres of accommodation. Before now, PIK-Project's BIM coordinators ran clash tests manually in Navisworks, oversaw the whole process and then sent the edits to the engineers. Now it's done by our service:

– At a specified time the program loads models from Revit Server, converts them into Navisworks compatible formats (NWC, NWD and NWF) and analyses them based on pre-set verification rules in the background. Tests can be initiated straight from the Revit interface, and the rules can be imported from Navisworks.

– Designers receive test results by email and see them in Revit, they can then solve clashes straight away and leave comments.

The program maintains verification statistics and here are the first results – in 6 months the services has helped to find and fix more than 33,000 clashes!

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