Do you love video games and artificial intelligence?

Do you love video games and artificial intelligence? If so, we are waiting for you on May 14 at the online meetup about RAIC-2019 hosted by Rubius developer Sergey Khaustov!

While everyone was busy making snowmen and skiing this winter, our developer Sergey Khaustov was coding night after night for the Russian AI Cup, the largest AI programming championship organized by Group. This year, participants had to create a bot to control a group of units in a 2D shooter.

Being one of 1,200 contestants, Sergey took the 35th place. We are proud of him but are not at all surprised. He's been coding for over 13 years, holds the degree of Candidate of Engineering Science, and is probably one of the first to develop a video game in Tomsk with his 4-year experience in game development. We want to learn more making video games, so we asked Sergey to tell us about his C# bot, how he taught it to dodge bullets, and how he managed to do without machine learning.

We'll meet online on May 14 at 4:30 p.m., Tomsk time. The admission is free. Open the link to sign up for the meeting:

Be sure to enter your email! On May 14, we'll send you the invite link.