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System configurator for switchgear cabinets
Automated design and cost calculation of power distribution systems
Information technology
Enterprise software
С#, WPF, .NET, DevExpress
SQL Server Express, LocalDB
Develop a configurator for motor control center (MCC)
Our customer, DKC, is one of the largest manufacturers of power supply, automation and energy distribution systems in Russia and Europe. Its products are used in the Swiss subway and Italian airports, Toyota factories and Moscow Kremlin.
The company's catalog features 35 000 items, most of which are sophisticated equipment that needs to be adapted to facility features. To reduce the designers' workload, DKC places system configurators on its website. These allow users to create custom systems themselves.
DKC has reached out to us with a request to design a configurator for the RAM MCC system. The application must help users select blocks and mechanisms according to the requirements, automatically generate specifications and calculate project cost. It should also allow to update the product catalog, which was impossible in the previous version.
Software system for equipment selection, configuration and cost estimation according to the up-to-date catalog
Selection of the equipment from the catalog based on the specified parameters: frame, drawer kits, mechanisms, structural elements and contact blocks
RAM mcc configuration using the built-in graphic editor
Automatic generation, editing and export of system specifications in .xlsx format
Generation of 2D equipment drawings and their export in .jpg format
Sending the project to DKC for review and production time estimation
Ability to update the product catalog and price list
Rubius has developed a desktop application with a built-in graphic editor for RAM mcc design. The software consists of 2 modules. The first module allows the company's customers to configure equipment, receive preliminary estimates in 1 click and send their projects to DKC. The second is for DKC engineers, which they use to make final cost calculations, estimate delivery time and update the product catalog.
Automatic calculation of project costs using the actual price list
4 interface color themes
Reference information: drawer size selection table, user guide, album of template solutions, product catalogs
Software features:
Implementation results
Reduced processing cost per client
The costs of project preparation and estimation have been reduced as DKC's customers use the application to configure equipment themselves
Increased customer coverage
DKC engineers can now process more orders thanks to design and cost calculation automation
Improved customer service
DKC's customers have full-time access to the product catalog and a convenient tool to adapt equipment to enterprise needs
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