Would you like to receive a doctor’s consultation and a sick leave certificate without going to hospital

Now it’s possible


Rubius was named Number One eco-friendly company in the region

We have won the "Green office" contest held by the regional authorities and the victory is well deserved


Many countries start adopting 3D cadastre, so engineers need new software to automate routine tasks

Upon the request of a major Russian cadastral agency, Rubius has developed a system that generates a 3D cadastral certificate based on a 2D drawing and object description and according to the local standards


We believe constant learning is a key to stable and continuous growth

That is why if we invite young engineers to join the team, they first have to successfully complete an internship at DevSauna


How to compare a point cloud of an object with its 3D model in just 30 seconds

Engineers often use laser-scanned point clouds as digital models of as-built objects


A new tradition at Rubius — planting cedar trees every year!

Last week, we planted a hundred cedars in the park next to Rubius office, on a 13km track


How to save 70% of the design time with one CAD integration plugin

For PCB designers, complicated data transfer between ECAD (used to design boards) and MCAD (used to model enclosures) can be a real pain in the neck


Rubius has developed a CAM system for a powerful 5-axis 3D printer

This machine is capable of creating 10 × 20 meter metal parts and is used in the space industry as well as aircraft and mechanical engineering


Rubius and Tomsk Regional Museum of Local Lore are working on an AR theater

There are only three such theaters in the world: in Moscow, New York – and now here, in Tomsk


Rubius will help Russian Railways become better!

We have won the Iron Road Show – a competition of innovative projects for Russian Railways – and received an opportunity to implement our systems into the Kuibyshev Railway


Rubius is looking for a product manager!

We need a product management guru who will take on the development of our video analytics system Polyphemus


Rubius co-founder Sergey Dorofeev and Dmitry Medvedev have discussed prospects of regional digitalization

At the meeting, Dorofeev urged not to reduce IT funding, especially during the crisis, since the right IT solutions can have a strong social and economic effect


When we say that sport is important for us, we mean it

Not only does our team has corporate membership at a popular fitness club, the importance of physical activities is also stated in Rubius Intro Guide


Do you love video games and artificial intelligence?

If so, we are waiting for you on May 14 at the online meetup about RAIC-2019 hosted by Rubius developer Sergey Khaustov


Our video analytics system Polyphemus has analyzed the effect COVID-19 had on the behavior of Tomsk residents

Here, we'll outline the main figures illustrating the changes to the number of people on the street after switching to remote work, the first cases of infection, and the introduction of fines


Our developer has assembled an EggBot

It was built with 3D printed parts and uses a marker as a coloring tool


Qubius – a soundproof home office for remote work during self-isolation

Its design suppresses up to 28 dB of noise, which is enough to turn children's screaming to whispers or mute the sound of a neighbor's drill


Rubius needs a CNC software engineer for a major international project

We are looking for someone who can engage in the development of post processors for ESPRIT CAM


Our service will help control companies’ work during lockdown

With this service, companies that had to suspend their activities due to the pandemic can easily resume work


RBK has made a fantastic photo report about an office with Qubius

Check it out


We give all universities, colleges, and schools free access to our team planner Planyway

This is why we give all universities, colleges, and schools free access to our team planner Planyway


Rubius needs a full stack developer to join a machine learning project

We are looking for someone skillful enough to develop a platform for processing Big Data


Rubius has developed a system for Gazprom Neft that can identify inconsistencies between the object and its 3D model in only 30 seconds

It can be used to control the construction process, monitor the condition of buildings, and provide production quality control


Gazprom Neft has chosen Rubius among 170 startups

While taking part in the program, we are going to pump up our development platform Rubius 4D


Our IT bear took part in the Bear Festival organized by the First Museum of Slavic Mythology

Yes, the one with a fancy ushanka hat, face and gesture detection, and tricky questions


Come join the best conference for developers, designers, and startups DevPRO 2020!

DevPRO is just what you need


We helped Tomsk State University to work with Big Data

To do this, we joined the university’s professors and developed a highly practical program


We’ve developed a mobile AR application that will help architects

The House was built back in 1884


One of the recent solutions developed by Rubius is a system for creating 3D cadastral certificates

It speeds up certificate processing 14 times and improves cadastre precision


We are building a dream kitchen!

With an area of 200 square meters, it has everything we love so much: it's cozy, light, and green


Rubius has entered the top 5 fastest-growing high-tech companies in Russia according to the TechUp rating

In just a year, we managed to move up by 12 positions


Rubius 2019 highlights: revenue increased by 23%, customers in 192 countries around the world, and a 134% growth in sales of our products

What else


Meet Planyway Planner for Jira

Since we have launched Planyway for Trello we have been receiving a lot of requests from our users and prospects to develop the same planning tool for Jira


Rubius became 11 years old and we threw cool team party

This year, the company’s founders and team leaders prepared an exciting show for the team, where they shared the main news and announced the launch of a brand new product


Rubius taught artificial intelligence to look for patterns in the work of judges, to evaluate the effectiveness of lawyers and even to predict the outcome of cases

Our system analyzed 90 399 court decisions of Tomsk judges for 9 years


Soundproof booth Qubius got Next Products 2019 award for the most promising office solution at Business & Design Dialogue expo

More than a hundred architectural, construction, and furniture firms participated in the exhibition


Rubius taught artificial intelligence to diagnose blood clotting disorders

The program provides a medical report in seconds with an accuracy of 98


We have some new presents from our partners: say hello to the MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer and its little brother, Replicator Mini+

We’ll be using them to test a service and mobile app for remotely managing 3D printers, which we’ve been developing for MakerBot since last year


2019 is off to a great start: Rubius has become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Now, we’re able to write quality code faster than ever before


In 2018, Rubius celebrated its 10th anniversary — and 2018 has been the greatest year in our company’s history

The company's turnover increased by 23%, and revenue from sales of our own products has increased by 5 times


The number of Planyway users exceeded 120,000

Our calendar and timeline for Trello are used by people in 189 countries of the world


As part of the U-NOVUS 2018 program, TUSUR University has held the Global Technology Entrepreneurship student workshop

Students from over 30 countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and America worked in teams to develop the financial, strategic, marketing and engineering tools for IT companies from Tomsk