One of the recent solutions developed by Rubius is a system for creating 3D cadastral certificates

One of the recent solutions developed by Rubius is a system for creating 3D cadastral certificates. It speeds up certificate processing 14 times and improves cadastre precision.

A cadastral certificate is a document that contains information about an object’s location and its 2D blueprints. Every building or site in Russia has one. There are, however, a few downsides. This certificate does not reflect the object's actual view or volume. Besides, only one object can be registered at a given map point.
These limitations complicate registering of underground parkings, overpasses, and buildings of uncommon shape. As a result, it’s often problematic to assess the value of real estate as well as sell or register it.

To solve these issues, Russian cadastral engineers have implemented a 3D cadastral certificate. Unlike the usual certificate, it contains 3D images. You can see the layout of a flat in detail, windows and doors dimensions, while the site’s certificate can contain underground communications plans.

Rubius has developed a solution to reduce the processing time from 2 weeks to 1 day. Here’s how it works:
– The engineer uploads information about the flat and its 2D plan to the system.
– The system uses this data to create a 3D model of the place, blueprints, and schemes as well as wall, ceiling and floor elevation.
– The acquired assets then form a 3D cadastral certificate.

Now, we are polishing our software to improve and simplify the processing of 3D certificates. The next step on our roadmap is to allow a cadastral engineer to scan the room with a laser scanner. The program will then build a 3D model using a point cloud and parse it into blueprints and schemes.

Our solution was used to issue the first 3D certificate in Russia. The construction to receive it was the floating bridge in Zaryadye Park. Its sophisticated design and actual location can only be correctly represented in 3D.

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