Medical decision support system

Software for deciphering blood test results and diagnosing assistance

Mine positioning and safety control system

Personnel and vehicle location control, hazard zone control and emergency alert

Equipment maintenance and repair remote AR assistant

Video-chatting with the repair expert, virtual tags, and AR visualization of equipment parameters

Gas cylinder accounting system

Quick inventory check, relocation control, and accurate online statistics

Gas turbine fault and wear prediction system

Predicting emergency stops and identifying their causes

CNC machine equipment AR catalog

AR visualization of the printed catalog and reference product info

CNC machine repair assistant

Machine structure visualization and repair guide

VR/AR oil-and-gas equipment simulator

A program for injury-free repair practicing

AI-powered ferroalloy production optimization system

Modeling and optimizing ferroalloy furnace operation based on raw material quality data

AI-powered ATM robbery protection

Online detection of suspicious activity and informing the security service of potential robbery attempts

Automated process and logistics management data system

Planning production and shipments, online statistics, and automated creation of supporting documents

Automatic checks for collisions in construction projects

Automation of searches for collisions in Navisworks and passing on results to Revit

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