Rubius has developed a CAM system for a powerful 5-axis 3D printer

Rubius has developed a CAM system for a powerful 5-axis 3D printer. This machine is capable of creating 10 × 20 meter metal parts and is used in the space industry as well as aircraft and mechanical engineering. With our solution, the speed and quality of printing are improved. Plus, you can control the entire production process, from model preparation to post-processing of the product.

When developing our software, we took into account all the features of the printer. It uses Laser Engineered Net Shaping technology and, unlike its 3-axis counterparts, can rotate the product, so layers can be printed at any angle. The device also features a removable milling cutter that is used for surface finishing.

Here’s how our system works:

– The built-in slicer cuts the 3D model into layers at any angle. This allows you to expand the product in any direction during 5-axis printing.
– To prevent the product from being damaged, our software automatically calculates overload areas and creates supports for them.
– The system then generates 5-axis movement trajectories and hatching based on the printer’s kinematics and metal properties, such as melting temperature, fluidity, elasticity, etc.
– Then, G-code is generated. It’s a set of programs that controls the printer’s work. To verify it, our system runs a print simulation. This ensures proper manufacturing of the product, so time and costly materials will not be wasted.
– Finally, the product undergoes post-processing using the printer’s milling cutter. It removes supports, metal overlapping and roughness. To control this process, our CAM system uses a classic 5-axis fine machining mode, also known as freeform.

We developed this solution for one of the leaders of the Asian market in automation of mechanical engineering and metallurgy. In total, we’ve created over 50 CAD/CAM systems for engineering calculations, design of complex objects and production data exchange as well as 3D printers and CNC machines control. See more cases at

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