Rubius is not just a common workspace

Rubius is not just a common workspace. It has a truly unique company culture of mutual respect, support, and professional growth.

Our team leaders are greatly involved in forming this company culture. They build teams, keep an eye on team spirit, make a creative atmosphere for generating new ideas. Every day they take responsibility for the quality of a final product. Together we can succeed in implementing even the most complicated projects.

We made exclusive bombers for our team leaders to say thank you for their everyday hard work. Black and minimalist, the bombers are supercool!

Not only team leaders have our branded bombers. Every summer on its birthday Rubius gives bombers to all employees who have worked one year in the company. This is kind of an initiation ceremony.

We put much effort into creating our bombers. We care about every design element – from fabric to the tiniest button – to make our colleagues feel warm and comfortable.

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