Rubius products

Rubius products. The results of 2020.

Despite the pandemic, remote work, and world economic recession we worked hard and raised the figures of 2019: + 124% in product revenue, 18% of the company’s turnover.

– Planyway doubled income and earned its first $1 000 000. The number of users reached 500 000+. Kaspersky, Danone, Atlassian, Tupperware, and other top companies became users of Planyway. We released an Android app and a web-service independent of Trello – now you can open, authorize and use the team calendar without plugins or extensions.

– Qubius increased revenue 10 times. We sold 191 cabins: 140 of Qubius One and 51 of Qubius Team (the new release of 2020!). Such major companies as Porsche,, and Yandex have now our cabins in their offices. We registered the Qubius trademark and got a patent to provide better protection to our innovations.

– Visius (former Polyphemus) went on first sales. It counted people and cars on Tomsk streets during the lockdown. The product was believed in and we raised the investments for its development.

Our goals for 2021 are ambitious and we have already started fulfilling them.

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