Rubius was named Number One eco-friendly company in the region

Rubius was named Number One eco-friendly company in the region!

We have won the "Green office" contest held by the regional authorities and the victory is well deserved. At Rubius we do as much as possible to save the environment every day. Here are our 7 key "green" habits:

– We sort trash for recycling: glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic (caps separately!). We collect clothing and basic commodities and donate them to local charity funds.

– We refused disposable plastic in our kitchen and placed glass water jars instead of plastic bottles in Rubius meeting rooms.

– Batteries are collected separately and are stored in a handmade talking robot-like recycling bin "Robattery".

– We save energy and water: Rubius kitchen is equipped with energy-efficient appliances only. Automatic faucets help to avoid water waste.

– Our office is filled with green plants that purify the air and reduce bacteria. There are more than 20 plant species in the rooms and corridors, and a large green oasis under the ceiling in the kitchen. And not a single artificial plant.

– All business processes are digitized so the paper waste is minimal.

– We plant trees like cedars, apple trees, lindens, ash trees, and lilacs, help to clean parks from trash and transform abandoned places in town into public chillout areas.

We have already gone a long way in creating an eco-friendly environment, but we’re always eager to go an extra mile. Because as J.R.R. Tolkien once said: "All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others". Do you agree?

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