Rubius will help Russian Railways become better!

Rubius will help Russian Railways become better! We have won the Iron Road Show – a competition of innovative projects for Russian Railways – and received an opportunity to implement our systems into the Kuibyshev Railway. This is one of the largest national railroad lines that connects Central Russia with the Urals, Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia.

The show featured 118 solutions from a range of fields, including AI, cybersecurity, AR/VR technologies, robotics, and energy. The project we presented was Rubius 4D – a platform for development of VR and AR applications. With this solution, Russian Railways will be able to develop VR and AR simulators, train specialists effectively and safely, and also save up to 30% on organizing the educational process.

Among all the participants, Russian Railways experts chose just 9 to work with. We entered the top five of the strongest and were the only Siberians!