The most significant Rubius events in 2020

The most significant Rubius events in 2020.

Our office has become even more comfortable. We built a new stylish kitchen and a spacious terrace on the roof. Soon, there will be a new parking area for 60 cars.

Now we have a music room with microphones, guitars, drums, and a piano where employees can round up to rehearse, organize jam-sessions, listen to their favorite songs, and just blow off after work.

In 2020 Rubius was named Number One eco-friendly company for its "green" habits and sustainable use of resources. In the fall, we planted a hundred cedars and placed a bench near a sports track in a wood.

We celebrated 2 weddings, congratulated 8 colleagues on the birth of their new babies, and wished them happiness and health.

2021 is expected to be even richer in the events because Rubius is a young, passionate, caring, and collaborative company with its unique work atmosphere.

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