We’ve developed a mobile AR application that will help architects

We've developed a mobile AR application that will help architects renovate the center of Tomsk Polytechnic University campus and restore the Mother Superior's House located right in the middle of it.

The House was built back in 1884. Previously, it was home to nuns and abbesses of St. John the Baptist monastery, one of the richest in Siberia. After the October Revolution, the monastery was closed down and most of the buildings were demolished. Over time, the remaining Mother Superior's House became surrounded by a student campus. The campus was so big that the architectural monument simply got lost among the dorms.

Our long-time partners from LLT ONE in collaboration with Dutch architects are now looking into a way to blend the monument into its modern urban surroundings. With our application, they can easily test their concepts.

It's much easier and more effective than doing numerous renders, designs, and plans. Just point your phone at the house and apply the design layout with a few taps. The AR application will display trees, benches, gazebos, and paths — everything that the project includes. You can use the app to walk around the site, look at the layout from different sides, and see how it fits the street. It also helps find all possible flaws early on while the project is at the design stage.

In 2018, we created a similar application used to design Tomsk public spaces. With our software for Microsoft Hololens, architects could see how a chapel fits the territory of Novosobornaya Square.