Our service will help control companies’ work during lockdown

We’ve developed a special service for controlling companies’ work during lockdown at the request of the Tomsk region administration. With this service, companies that had to suspend their activities due to the pandemic can easily resume work. We created this solution at our own expense while our developers have been working all weekend so that thousands of Tomsk businesses can open doors to their employees and clients today.

We wanted to make the comeback process as simple and convenient as possible, both for businesses and the authorities. Here's what a company should do to resume work:

– fill in the online form (the service will automatically check All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activities to see if the company can reopen)

– attach a stamped and signed letter written on a company letterhead and click Send

The application will be sent directly to the Tomsk region administration, after which the company will receive permission to resume work.

We hope that our service will help Tomsk business recover faster and citizens will finally return to work. Although it's still better to work remotely, as our team does.

Stay safe!