Highlights of 2020: the brightest the happenings of the year at Rubius

The results of the year in all areas were summed up

2020 was challenging both for the people and the world economy. But here at Rubius we never lose courage and always keep working hard. The year for us resulted in +16% of the company’s revenue. While many countries cut on resources, we have created 21 additional positions. A big team needs more space to work and relax. So we expanded our office area by 25%.

We thank everyone who contributed to our success – colleagues, partners, and clients! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to make it. We will try hard to deliver more exciting projects and products next year.

Rubius products. The results of 2020.

Despite the pandemic, remote work, world economic recession we worked hard and raised the figures of 2019: + 124% in product revenue, 18% of the company’s turnover.

– Planyway doubled income and earned its first $1 000 000. The number of users reached 500 000+. Kaspersky, Danone, Atlassian, Tupperware, and other top companies became Planyway users. We released an Android app and a web-service independent of Trello – now you can open, authorize and use the team calendar without plugins or extensions.

– Qubius increased revenue 10 times. We sold 191 cabins: 140 of Qubius One and 51 of Qubius Team (the new release of 2020!). Such major companies as Porsche,, Yandex have now our cabins in their offices. We registered the Qubius trademark and got a patent to provide better protection to our innovations.

– Visius (former Polyphemus) went on first sales. It counted people and cars on Tomsk streets during the lockdown. The product was believed in and we raised the investments for its development.
In 2020 Rubius completed over 70 projects. We developed solutions to control mining safety and construction quality, released several VR simulators and taught AI algorithm to turn text into video and speech.

We also helped the world to fight COVID-19 by developing a website where locals can consult a doctor, take a sick leave and sign up for vaccination. In spring, we launched a web service that allowed thousands of companies affected by the pandemic to get back to business.

With our construction supervision platform, we won the accelerator program by Gazprom Neft. Analytical agency TAdviser and the Skolkovo Foundation recommended Rubius as a trustworthy IT supplier for the industrial sector. We also made it to the first page of the international Top Russia Custom Software Development Companies rating.

Even with the borders closed, we had a pleasure to work with companies from the UK and Peru. And late December, we became a strategic partner of Hexagon AB, an international developer of industrial automation systems with annual revenue of €4 billion.

2021 has only just begun, but we’ve already had dozens of online meetings, arranged a few business trips and signed the first deals. Stay tuned for more surprising news :)

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