How a single plugin can speed up building material calculations by 5-10 times

We developed a plug-in for Leica Cyclone 3DR that uses a point cloud to analyze the condition of walls and determine the right amount of plaster for leveling

You could eyeball the amount of plaster you need to level a wall — or you could use a point cloud and Leica Cyclone 3DR geospatial engineering software. We developed a plug-in that uses a point cloud to analyze the condition of walls and determine the amount of plaster needed to level them. It produces accurate estimates five to ten times faster than other methods. Previously, it could have taken up to eight hours to calculate costs for a room measuring 200 m2; with our plug-in, it takes no more than an hour.

We developed this solution for Hexagon, a Leica Cyclone 3DR vendor. This industry giant boasts hundreds of products, half a century of success stories, and divisions in 50 countries around the world. 

Here’s how our plug-in for Leica Cyclone 3DR works: 
– First, it segments the point cloud and correlates its parts with the walls in a model of the space.
– Then, it creates an ideal model of the walls according to user-supplied settings.
– It builds a map of wall defects, determining the required plaster thickness for each area and coloring them differently for clarity.
– Finally, it calculates the required amount of plaster for each room and wall, and it prepares an RTF report with the results.

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