Rubius created Construction cost estimating service

Rubius helped BIMLIB, a construction startup, reduce the time to create cost estimates by 50%

Cost estimators analyze offers from different manufacturers manually and compare items, their properties, and the prices of building materials. The same product can have different names and be measured differently. This approach was time-consuming and often led to mistakes in cost estimates.

The Rubius team developed three excellent tools to estimate project costs quickly and easily.

Construction calculator for quick calculations and updating estimates in a couple of clicks. 
Price tracker for monitoring the most cost-effective building materials.
Web portal for connecting items, measurement units, and other material properties offered by different manufacturers. The data is collected into its own classifier, which assigns each material a unique code for faster search.

Rubius experts helped BIMLIB cost estimators automate their processes, generate cost estimates faster and include optimal building materials tailored to the special requirements of the project.

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