We have developed a platform to help patients with COVID-19 symptoms

Now it is possible to get a doctor's consultation and apply for a sick leave without going to the clinic

Would you like to receive a doctor’s consultation and a sick leave certificate without going to hospital? Now it’s possible.

Upon request of Tomsk Region Administration, we have developed an online platform to help people with COVID-19 symptoms promptly. At Tomsk citizens can fill out a symptom questionnaire and receive treatment instructions by phone or apply for a sick leave.

Unlike phone calls, website requests will definitely make it through to the medical staff – there is no busy line or non-working hours. All requests are automatically sorted by risk groups – so doctors can help more people and assist patients at higher risk from coronavirus. The service reduces workload on healthcare personnel in the red zone, medical centers and hotlines.

Asymptomatic COVID positive people and those who have contacted the infected ones can remotely receive sick leave certificates. Also, very soon all platform users will be able to check their COVID test results through personal accounts.

Thanks to the website, 50203 consultations have already been held and 400 sick leave certificates have been issued.

Take care and do not hesitate to use anytime you need medical help.

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