Rubius Group is a well coordinated team of qualified specialists. The main peculiarity of our staff is the creative approach to all the projects, which allows us to arrive at the original solutions of rather difficult intellectual tasks. Our team is also characterized by the tendency to use the most up-to-date developments and technologies.

    C# Programmer


    • Knowledge of OOP, patterns and design
    • Knowledge of technologies and patterns: WPF, MVVM, SQL Server (Entity Framework)
    • Attentiveness, accuracy, literacy, responsibility
    • Constant strive for quality
    • No bad habits
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    Rubius Corporative Philosophy

    • Intellectual giftedness and talent. You need to stand out of the crowd, to be passionate about your work and want to be a true professional. You need to love your job
    • Trust. Rubius is primarily a platform for your personal growth. So we create a comfortable environment to unleash the potential of each employee. We have a minimum of formality, flexible schedule, there are no restrictions on the Internet and communications. Your result is important for us, we believe that you are able to arrange the best way of achieving it. It is amazing how effectively people can work if you trust them and give a creative freedom
    • Hard Work. In Rubius, worthy salary is a result of your contribution to the company, not the other way round. If you want “to work just for money”, you can’t work with us. The dynamics of our company is the result of daily hard work of each employee. You have to be ready for this, and if your contribution to the company development is big enough, it will be certainly noticed and rewarded
    • Grow up or go away. Vector of the company development is a total development vector of each specialist in the company. If the vector is below the average level, then an employee slows down the company development. If it is above the average level, then he/she becomes a key employee providing the development. In Rubius the salary grows not in the result of a formal merit or seniority, but only due to real achievements
    • Intelligent innovations. Intelligent solutions form the main Rubius strategy (it is reflected in our motto). The quality and effectiveness of our products directly depend on the established engineering solutions. We don’t solve the problem “head on” or reinvent a wheel. We analyze existing products and follow the cutting-edge technologies. We seek to develop the best products
    • High quality. A real skillfulness is evident in details. We are seeking to work on a constant improvement of our software quality. The work done efficiently and qualitatively gives a feeling of satisfaction from your job and respect from a customer
    • Collective responsibility. We are a team of professionals joint to do one big deal. We are working on the basis of Agile, the methodology of a flexible development; so we have no fixed hierarchy, it is specifically formed for each project. The financial result of the company depends on each employee, therefore, you are solely responsible in front of each member of our team and each takes the responsibility in front of you. If someone has problems with his project, we appreciate a mutual assistance and help to the colleagues
    • Voluntary initiative. The corporate system is flexibly organized in Rubius, which is essential under the constant growth conditions. If you see a weak point in the company and want to try your hand (offer a new technology, lead a project and suggest a solution), act proactively. It will affect your salary and authority in the company
    • Reflexion. We appreciate any criticism, we love competition. It allows us to provide a constant growth. The criticism is a guarantee of development. A professional should proudly demonstrate his work, because only negligent and incompetent people do not like to show her out. The constructive criticism helps to provide a qualitative feedback from the most experienced team members and ensure the knowledge rotation within the team
    • And one more. We do not smoke or swear

    If you are close to Rubius philosophy, then you are our guy.


    • Regular exercising is rewarded by a monthly premium. We seek to the integral personal development i.e. both intellectual and physical. In the office there is a horizontal bar, exercise bike and parallel bars to rotate the physical and mental activity during the working hours. Besides, each employee can have a privileged corporate ticket to one of the best gyms in Tomsk which calls Power House Gym
    • Free English classes (IT and Business English) are held directly at the workplace for all the employees. Rubius own methodological program has been developed and the system of certification at each level of the language has been organized
    • 5 extra hours a month for a self-education are paid for each employee (this includes reading professional literature and getting money for it)
    • Rubius compensate money for the cost of certification in the professional field

    Work with Students

    Rubius operates the program on involving the talented students, we perform a serious selection among our candidates. The main thing we are looking for is a high intellectual potential. You can be not a professional, not knowing a lot, but you must have an engineering mindset and be ready for a hard work and constant education.

    How to Get a Job in the Company

    Send a resume to . In the resume tell us:

    • Your contacts, date of birth (photos are preferable)
    • Your experience (or the most intense course and diploma projects)
    • Achievements and awards
    • Your personal characteristics
    • Hobbies and interests

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