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The Rubius team comprises 100+ people who use technology to change the world. We solve problems and create simple solutions that work for both small innovative startups as well as large corporations from the USA, Europe and Asia. Our company is constantly growing, so we’re always looking for the best minds to join us.

    C# Programmer


    • Knowledge of OOP, patterns and design
    • Knowledge of technologies and patterns: WPF, MVVM, SQL Server (Entity Framework)
    • Attentiveness, accuracy, literacy, responsibility
    • Constant strive for quality
    • No bad habits

    Tell us about yourself



    We love our employees, encourage their growth, care about their health and try to make our office comfortable

    Flexible work schedule

    At Rubius, you can plan your day however you wish. We like to team up with interesting people who leave time for their personal lives


    You get up to five paid hours per week to spend on self-education, including organizing and attending conferences. You can also take free English classes at the Rubius Academy

    Individual space

    Forget open-plan offices! Each team at Rubius has its own room, with well-equipped workspaces and expansive whiteboards for meetings

    Comfortable office

    Find inspiration as you savor a rich, aromatic cup of coffee in our cozy kitchen with a summer terrace. Our fridge is always full of fresh fruits and vegetables for you

    Health care

    We provide bonuses for sports activities (gym, pool, etc.). We have fitness equipment, ping-pong tables, air hockey and bicycles onsite

    …and one more thing

    Enjoy a therapeutic massage, get a stylish barbershop haircut or relax in a quiet room with soft pillows and a sofa — all right in our office

    Rubius values

    Talent and dedication

    People at Rubius are passionate about work. We spend a lot of time on self-education and professional development — and we expect you to do the same

    Agility and trust

    We keep formalities to a minimum and encourage our employees to take the initiative. It’s surprising just how productive a person can be when given trust and freedom

    Intelligent innovation

    Our motto is “simple solutions that work”. We use intellect and cutting-edge technologies to continuously improve the quality of our projects

    Team and support

    We are a team of professionals. The result of our work depends on every team member of our team. You are responsible to each of us, just as we all are responsible to you


    We appreciate constructive feedback, it helps us grow and develop. Professionals display their work proudly and show a desire to constantly improve it

    …and one more thing

    We don’t smoke or swear. We enjoy working in a pleasant environment. If our philosophy sounds like yours, then you’re one of us.

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