Industrial system power supply configurator

By order of the BCS company the necessary equipment can be selected and a project estimate can be obtained in the configurator

Rubius has developed a configurator for industrial motor control centers. It allows DKC's customers to select necessary equipment, just like in a constructor, and receive project estimations in 1 click. The software has already helped DKC to cut presale expenses and reduce engineers’ workload. With design being done by the customers, DKC team can now process more orders.

This is how the system works:
– selects equipment from the catalog based on the specified parameters: frame, drawer kits, mechanisms, structural elements and contact blocks,
– allows users to configure equipment using a built-in graphics editor,
– generates and exports output specifications in .xlsx format,
– exports 2D equipment drawings in .jpg format,
– calculates project cost based on the actual price list,
– sends projects to DKC for review and production time estimation,
– allows DKC engineers to update the product catalog and price list.

With these configurators, it only takes a couple of hours to select an industrial system, equipment or furniture. They make it easier for customers to make a purchase and allow businesses to boost sales even during the pandemic. Check the link below to read more about technical details of the project 

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