Motor control system configurator for power supply manufacturers

Automation of design and cost estimation of power distribution systems


  • C#
  • .Net
  • WPF
  • DevExpress


Our client is DKC, one of the largest manufacturers of power supply, automation, and power distribution systems in Russia and Europe. Its products are used in the Swiss metro and Italian airports, in Toyota factories, and the Moscow Kremlin.

DKC has 35,000 products in its catalog; most of them are complex equipment that needs to be adapted to the facility's specifications. To make it easier for designers, the company places configurators on the website. This helps users assemble the necessary system by themselves. 


Rubius, upon request from DKC, developed a configurator for the RAM mcc electric motor control system. The program consists of 2 modules. The first one, just like a constructor, allows the customers to select the necessary equipment and receive a cost estimate in one click. The company's engineers work in the second one: they make the final cost calculations, estimate the delivery time and update the product catalog.

Configurator features

  • selects equipment from the catalog based on the specified parameters: frame, withdrawable functional units, mechanisms, structural elements, and contact groups,
  • allows you to configure the equipment in the built-in graphical editor,
  • generates and exports the output specification in .xlsx format,
  • generates and exports 2D equipment drawing in .jpg format,
  • calculates the cost of the project based on the prices from the price list,
  • sends the project to DKC for verification and evaluating the production time,
  • allows the company engineers to update the catalog and prices.

For the user's convenience, the configurator interface has 4 color themes and reference information on the selection of equipment: a table for selecting the dimensions of withdrawable units, an album of standard solutions, and product catalogs.


The program has already helped DKC reduce pre-sale costs and the workload on engineers – they no longer waste time on design and they are therefore able to process more orders. 


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