ECAD and MCAD integration for end-to-end PCB design

Bi-directional communication between ECAD and MCAD for rapid design of electronic devices


  • C#
  • .Net

The challenge for PCB designers is the complex exchange of data between electro-technical CAD (where the board is designed) and engineering CAD (where its case is modeled). To check the compatibility of the board and its case, engineers have to convert models to an intermediate format, send each other files and a list of accompanying notes. This process is restarted after each geometry update. As a result, up to 70% of the design time is spent on model checking.

ECAD – MCAD integration module

Rubius has developed a seamless ECAD – MCAD integration module that transfers data directly from one program to another. The customer is a vendor of one of the top 5 computer-aided design systems for electronics.

Capabilities of the integration module:

  • two-way data exchange via a cloud server,
  • controlled synchronization of models between systems with the ability to accept or reject changes at any time,
  • determination of the board geometry in ECAD (shape, dimensions, holes, and cutouts) based on the case model obtained from MCAD,
  • automatic footprint creation in ECAD when placing components on a model in MCAD,
  • transfer 3D-models of electronic components from ECAD to MCAD,
  • linking MCAD components with ECAD components by key parameter,
  • transfer of a conductive pattern in the form of a superimposed pattern or elongated bodies,
  • transfer of silk-screen printing in the form of a superimposed pattern,
  • exchange of messages,
  • setting of work parameters and access rights.

PCB design and the result of integration

Thanks to the ECAD and MCAD integration module, PCB and case designers can work together on a product without converting or sending models to each other. As a result, PCB design takes less time, reduces the risk of errors, and prototype costs. 

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