Kompas-3D embodiments editor

Creating dependent and independent embodiments using a value table


  • Information technology




  • C++
  • Kompas-3D API

Previously, Kompas-3D users could only create one detail embodiment per operation. Designers also had to manually change values of model variables. Such a design process was not suitable for mechanical engineers since every product can have hundreds of configuration variants.

At the request of Ascon, the CAD system’s vendor, Rubius has developed an editor that can simultaneously design several embodiments of one detail. Now, model configurations are created and modified using a value table. Having entered new variables, users can design hundreds of detail versions with just one click. This became a radically new approach to working with embodiments in Kompas-3D.

Features of the embodiments editor:

  • establishing relations between model parameters
  • generation of a variable values table based on the established relations
  • creating dependent and independent embodiments using the variable values table
  • modification of the existing embodiments using the value table
  • import of the value table in .xls format
  • managing the structure of the detail and assembly embodiments

With the embodiments editor implemented, mechanical designers are now able to create hundreds of model configurations in a single operation. The solution accelerated the design process and allowed reducing the number of human errors.

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