AR assistant for the selection of production furniture

Visualization of furniture from the catalog in real rooms




  • C#
  • Angular
  • Java Script
  • Unity
  • .Net
  • PostgreSQL
  • WPF

Our customer is an international manufacturer of factory furniture with branches in 50 countries. The company's online catalog contains about 100,000 products – from workbenches and work tables to storage racks and ladders.

Rubius has developed an augmented reality app that visualizes furniture and helps shoppers make choices faster.

How AR assistant works

  • the user selects products and their color in the catalog: there is a user-friendly search option, ready-made furniture sets, and detailed descriptions,
  • directs the smartphone camera to the right place in the room and ″places″ there the products he likes,
  • the application visualizes 3D models of furniture in natural sizes; they can be rotated and rearranged,
  • saves the resulting interior as photos and videos that can be shared,
  • generates specifications of selected products in pdf format for placing an order.

The app is available on iOS and Android and can even work offline. The catalog is updated through a special administrator panel.

The Benefits of AR app

Thanks to the app, customers can immediately see how the new equipment will fit into the shop or workshop and can plan working areas. This shortens the time it takes to make a purchase decision and reduces the likelihood of a return.

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