Mine positioning and safety control system

Personnel and vehicle location control, hazard zone control and emergency alert


  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing


  • Enterprise software


  • Java Script
  • С# (.Net Core)

The core priority in mine operation is ensuring people's safety. Rubius has developed a program that allows tracking the workers' locations when under the ground, and timely notify them in case of a threat. The system is already being employed at Europe's largest gypsum deposit.

The customer is BMS RUS, the official distributor of mining industry solutions vended by German brand Becker Mining Systems AG. The company has developed unique equipment and in-situ positioning algorithms and approached Rubius for the software part.

The system developed comprises operator control software and SCADA functions. It gains information from Wi-Fi tags deployed on equipment and personnel gear, and from SCADA sensors installed in the mine.

Using the system, the operator and mine managers can:

  • track personnel and vehicle locations on the 3D mine map
  • voice-communicate with workers under the ground
  • control hazard zone entrances
  • notify personnel of emergencies and evacuation
  • monitor temperature, pressure, gas content in the mine, and other process indicators and parameters with on-map visualization
  • account operation time
  • view history of personnel and vehicle relocations for further detailed event analysis

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