Gas cylinder accounting system

Quick inventory check, relocation control, and accurate online statistics


  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistic


  • Enterprise software


  • Angular
  • Xamarin
  • С# (.Net Core)
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • EF Core
  • Docker
  • Yandex.Cloud

It may be challenging to track every gas cylinder when there are thousands of them at the warehouse. Rubius introduces the accounting system that helps control all operations, carry out inventory checks within minutes, and keep a close watch on unreliable counterparts. The program was ordered by the research and production complex Electric and Heat Technology. The company manufactures cryogenic and technical gases and delivers them all over Russia from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

This brand-new warehouse management system knows everything about each gas cylinder you have at your disposal: who supplied it, where it is, and what gas is inside. To recognize gas cylinders, the system uses NFC tags and QR codes. Just scan one with the dedicated mobile app and the vessel info will come to the program.

System features:

  • 2-second gas cylinder registration
  • history of operations for each cylinder
  • online supply and shipment statistics
  • gallons available count (by gas type, volume, and gas remaining)
  • technical inspection reminder
  • time-specific personnel and warehouse load reports
  • vessel trip statistics for each counterpart

The accounting system has automated most routine tasks and helped Electric and Heat Technology curb losses the company incurred after rogue counterparts lost or replaced vessels. Thorough operation control and 11 types of analytical reports helped automate vessel inventory and staff management. 

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