CNC machine equipment AR catalog for drilling tool manufacturer

AR visualization of the printed catalog and reference product info



  • C#
  • Unity

The project was ordered by a turning, milling, and drilling tool manufacturer. The company is among the TOP 3 industry leaders; its products are used in 60 countries around the world. Corporate catalogs comprise almost 50,000 tools, each with a detailed description, specs, pictures, diagrams, and comparison charts.

To facilitate catalog representation, we created its AR version. In augmented reality mode, the application animates the printed images of equipment and complements them with reference data.

Using a smartphone or tablet camera, the user sees animated 3D models of tools and how they work. The app also allows for exporting specs and viewing tool presentations.

AR catalog features

  • AR visualization of 3D tool models
  • Model animation
  • Operation demonstration
  • Model rotation and scaling
  • Reference materials: photos, videos, presentations, specs
  • Rxporting specifications

AR catalog helps

The AR catalog helps easily demonstrate products at meetings, during trips, and at industry exhibitions: since all data are available in the digital format, there is no need to have heavy printed tomes of references.

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