VR simulator for teaching the installation of drywall structures

A virtual workshop for practicing skills in assembling and installing drywall partitions



  • C#
  • Unity

Knauf is the largest manufacturer of building materials in the world. The company has 220 factories spread across 60 countries and its own network of educational centers.

Rubius, upon request from Knauf, has developed a VR-simulator for the installation of drywall structures. Novice specialists can use it to practice all skills in virtual reality - no workshop or tools are needed.

With a VR helmet on, the user trains to take measurements, cut drywall, form metal frames, and attach sheets to them. The simulator explains why certain tools and materials are needed, gives step-by-step installation instructions, and suggests fixes in case mistakes are made. The training ends with an exam: the user independently assembles a drywall structure, and the program fixes mistakes, generates a report, and analyzes progress.

Training on the simulator can also be done remotely on a computer; a web version is available. We have also developed a web module for managing the training process. In this module, teachers create new assignments, draw up a schedule, and track student progress.

The VR simulator has already helped Knauf educational centers reduce costs and improve the quality of training. Novice specialists can now hone their installation skills without the risk of injury and train from anywhere in the world.

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