Equipment maintenance and repair remote AR assistant

Video-chatting with the repair expert, virtual tags, and AR visualization of equipment parameters


  • Manufacturing


  • VR/AR


  • C#
  • Unity
  • .Net

Murphy's law prescribes that critically important equipment fails at the worst possible moment. And if a qualified technician is not around, it may take weeks and thousands of dollars to repair it. The farther the facility is from a city, the more money and effort it will cost the administration to recover the unit.

Rubius has developed a remote AR assistant that allows on-site specialists to rectify faults, being supervised – virtually – by a repair expert. This approach will minimize losses an enterprise may incur due to outage time, and cut expenses on equipment repair and expert visits by 2-3 times.

To contact the repairman, an on-site worker only needs to put on the AR glasses and pick an expertfrom the contact list. The image on the glasses is transmitted to the expert's screen in high resolution so they see what the worker sees and can easily manage them: what to push, what tools to use, etc. For clarity, the master can leave virtual hints the on-site worker will see in the AR mode.

Remote assistant features:

  • video chats with experts
  • voice and text chat
  • virtual tags and hints
  • integration with SCADA and MES
  • visualization of equipment parameters (AR sensors and virtual charts)
  • contact list for quick calls
  • AR glasses, smartphone, and tablet support
  • secure connection

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