VR/AR oil-and-gas equipment simulator

A program for injury-free repair practicing


  • Oil and gas
  • Education


  • VR/AR


  • C#
  • Unity

How to teach employees to repair complex equipment without any threat to their health and equipment? By order of an oil company from Eastern Siberia, Rubius created a simulator that helps master the essential process skills in a VR environment. This solution minimizes the risks of injuries and damage, turning training twice as efficient.

How the simulator works:

  • Having put on the VR headset, the employee finds themselves nearby an oil derrick. Their task is to repair the Christmas-tree valve structure. Realistic visualization makes every scenario as true as possible and immerses the user in combat conditions.
  • Step-by-step instructions explain what to do and what tools to use. The training scenario includes accident prevention practice: use of protective equipment, barricading, etc.
  • Pop-up hints help avoid mistakes and tell how to use tools.
  • Exam mode: the final step where employees demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Can be used for regular appraisals. During the exam, the employee performs the task on time. The application registers errors and conveys the results to the appraisal board.

This environment can be accessed using a VR headset, tablet, smartphone, or desktop. The program architecture is underpinned by a versatile mechanism defining interaction with the tools in virtual reality (e.g., how to hold a plumber wrench and how to use it). This mechanism can be deployed to any gadget with a couple of code lines.

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