AR-platform for repair of CNC machines

AR User Manuals, remote service center support, and syncing AR content on several devices



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  • Unity

Our customer is STAN, Russia's leading machine manufacturer. The company's plants produce 50% of the metalworking equipment in Russia that is employed at enterprises from Murmansk to the Far East.

A fault in a machine is always painful—both to the owner and the manufacturer. The former bears idle time and maintenance costs, while the latter needs to get the failed machine back to order as soon as possible under warranty. The farther a production plant is located from the manufacturer's service center, the higher the time and money toll the repair takes.

For STAN, Rubius has developed an AR platform for repairing CNC machines. It comprises AR user manuals, a remote assistant, and a simulator for beginner specialists.

AR user manuals

Having put on the AR headset, the machine operator accesses—while staying at the workshop—the 3D model of the machine, including operating parameters and interactive inspection and repair memos.

In case of a fault, the program identifies the component that could have failed, shows it in the 3D model, and suggests some step-by-step repair instructions. The platform also offers various scenarios for replacing the key units (e.g., ball screw gear, coolant filters, pneumatic and hydraulic tubes, door glass, etc.).

Remote assistant

In case of a complicated fault, the machine operator can use the AR platform to contact a STAN Service Center operator. With that, the image in the operator's AR headset is broadcast to the expert's display. Seeing everything from the worker's POV, they can manage the latter to remedy the fault.

Simulator for beginner specialists

In training mode, the machine operator gets step-by-step instructions and hints that will help them use and repair the machine: how to turn it on, what to check before starting, how to replace the key components, etc. The program shows how elements are arranged in a detailed 3D model.

Users can create custom training scenarios and instructions without any programming skills: the program features a content editor and the ever-updated library of STAN machines' 3D models.

All features of the AR platform

  • Visualization of the machine's 3D model and internal structure
  • Step-by-step repair and maintenance instructions
  • Importing sensor readings from the machine monitoring system and visualizing them in AR mode
  • Fault alerts in AR
  • Clarifying questions for faster identification of fault causes; showing the potentially affected element in the 3D model
  • Synced imaging on 2 AR headsets for the collaboration of several specialists
  • Video communication with the service center
  • Broadcasting the image from the worker's AR headset to the repair expert's display
  • Displaying the remote expert's virtual hints relevant to respective elements of the machine
  • File exchange (drawings, video guides, diagrams)
  • Content editor for creating training scenarios and guides
  • 3D machine model library

With the use of the AR platform, the STAN Service Center can promptly address issues anywhere in the world, saving on trips and local offices.

Built-in AR guides for daily inspection and repair of machines reduce faults and help enterprises handle minor failures. As a result, downtime decreases by 71%, production losses drop, and repair costs fall by 34%. One remote assistance session can save businesses from $2,000 to $15,000.
Besides, the AR platform facilitates training and cuts staff errors by 87%. No more need to sift through heavy, multipage guides. Workers have everything they need before their eyes.

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