CNC machine repair assistant

Machine structure visualization and repair guide


  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing


  • VR/AR


  • C#
  • Unity

Trying to repair a CNC machine without profound knowledge and relevant experience is like trying to handle high-load services when you don't know how to display "Hello, world!". It’s long, hard, and doomed to fail. Well, it used to be so.

In partnership with Zyfra, Rubius has developed a virtual assistant that facilitates the process of repairing CNC machines. Replacing those folios of manuals, it teaches your specialists to use equipment properly and helps them rectify faults.

In the augmented-reality mode, the application overlays the CNC machine's 1:1 3D model and displays everything hidden under the housing: components, internal processes, with names and purposes. The virtual assistant demonstrates what the user needs to do and shows step-by-step guides. Following the prompts, even a first-timer will be able to carry out repairs, fault detection, or maintenance. With that, fault data is registered on the 3D model and automatically transmitted to the EAM system.

Users can employ the virtual assistant for handling complex industrial equipment and machinery. Implemented at a production facility, the assistant will help cut outage idle time and reduce staff training costs.

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