CNC lathe simulator

Rubius developed the ESPRIT CAM extension to visualize the machining of parts, help identify defects, and avoid the damage and breakdown of CNC lathes


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CITIZEN is one of the leading manufacturers of Swiss-style CNC lathes. These lathes can machine a wide variety of materials for the automotive, construction industries, and medical equipment. 

The machining of parts

CNC lathes perform lathing, cutting, and other operations within a single cycle. To control CNC machines, operators use G-code. It contains the algorithm for part machining. 

The sequence of part machining:

  • Engineers create a 3D design in CAD and identify the following parameters: shapes, dimensions, materials, etc. 
  • A production engineer develops an algorithm for processing parts in the ESPRIT CAM system. They load the 3D model, establish the sequence of operations, and select the tools 
  • The CAM system’s post-processor converts this information into G-code, a set of commands to instruct the machine on movements, rotations, cuts, etc.  
  • The operator uploads the G-code to the CNC controller to manage the machine’s operation 
  • The CNC lathe transforms raw materials into the finished part


Engineers can make mistakes in geometry when designing 3D models of parts. Moreover, production engineers can select unsuitable tools or the wrong sequence of operations. These mistakes in command can result in the CNC lathe producing faulty parts or experiencing breakdowns. The equipment cannot be stopped, and an emergency shutdown might damage it. These factors cause substantial losses for the company, with expenses for complex repairs or the replacement of expensive components.


Rubius specialists developed the ESPRIT CAM system extension. It simulates part machining based on the given parameters of a 3D model. A CNC lathe is controlled by a processing algorithm. During simulation, engineers can edit the G-code at any time without any consequences. 

The lathe simulator allows CITIZEN experts to test the processes without using real equipment and materials. The extension identifies all potential errors to avoid machine failures and product defects and informs the user about them.

Simulator features:

  • Setting up working tools and accessories 
  • Accurate simulation of turning and milling operations on CNC lathes, and simultaneous processing of two raw materials
  • Supporting user macros and cycles 
  • Editing G-code directly in the simulation program
  • Generating reports and diagrams for the whole process and separate tools
3д визуализатор
Симулятор работы
3д визуализатор
Симулятор работы


The CNC lathe simulator visualizes the machining of parts. This allows engineers to preview the final result, detect potential errors in the code, and prevent equipment breakdowns.

Furthermore, the simulator generates a comprehensive report on the required machine settings and calculates the processing time for a single part. This ensures the correct equipment setup for machining. It also allows the estimation of the number of parts that the machine can manufacture during a single operator’s shift.

CNC lathe simulation

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