Automated process and logistics management data system

Planning production and shipments, online statistics, and automated creation of supporting documents


  • Manufacturing
  • Logistic


  • Enterprise software


  • C#
  • MS SQL
  • MS Reporting Services

The larger the company, the harder it is to streamline and synchronize the workflow of different units. This problem is especially acute in the fields such as chemical production: over 10 departments work together to manufacture the products and ship them to the end customer. Rubius designed a process and logistics management system that automates data exchange between departments and helps them cooperate quickly and seamlessly. Currently, the solution is being employed at a petrochemical plant in Siberia.

The system accumulates the entire scope of production and shipment information – from shipment schedules to tank condition. The system helps the plant staff do the following:

  • plan and register production plans
  • plan shipments and create shipment sheets
  • generate shipment documentation (passports, quality certificates based on chemical lab findings, receipts, route sheets, etc.)
  • monitor the tank fleet (availability, failures, repair time)
  • keep online statistics on shipments and stock
  • analyze performance (plan/actual)

The system has 10 types of automated workplaces employed by 100+ plant employees (engineers, process engineers, chemists, sales managers, repair crews, logisticians, and shipment specialists). For managers, the system offers a separate workplace and mobile app that displays the key performance and shipment indicators packed into charts and diagrams.

Leveraging the system, the plant has managed to streamline cooperation between departments, improve planning quality, and cut data exchange costs. Today, the sales department ensures 100% production load, logistics specialists deliver orders on time, and the managers know everything about the plant performance and growth outlook.

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